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About Me



Welcome to Glamour Effxx!

I am LaTosha Morgan. I have been a  licensed cosmetologist since 1996. While in middle school I knew I wanted to style hair. I began practicing on my mom, brother, and a few friends. In High School I began to travel to the homes of my customers to provide services. Yes, I have been the Kitchentician! LOL! The love I had for hair lead me to finish Cosmetology courses and obtain my license  before I graduated High School.

I worked at SuperCuts for 5 years and became the youngest shift manager in their franchise. After I had my second child I decided that I wanted to branch out on my own. This decision birthed Extremely Magic.

I have been the proud owner of Extremely Magic since February 2001. In 2010 I decided to add the Glamour Effxx. Glamour Effxx is the addition of glamourous hair extensions, fashion accessories, sunglasses, and eyelashes. 

The hair extensions are luxurious. The high quality will last you years if taken care of properly. All my accessories compliment the latest trends and will definitely have you standing out of the crowd. 

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